Garbage bin

repairing and repainting of a Metal bin

– Since we are expected to divide our garbage in different sections I also need to have another garbage bin.
The bin I have at the moment is a very old one, that has been fixed and painted by my father in his student time. Now I found another bin that looks like the one I have. But needs some DIY.

How it looked when I got the garbage bin

The one on the right is my old garbage bin

The new one needed some good cleaning with a angle grinder

Also the handle was very rusty

The top of the bin has been cleaned fully since the paint was so much gone.

Also the side of the bin has many places where it needed to be cleaned to the rough metal

After the cleaning a transparent base and anti rust coating has been applied

Then a base coat / primer and the first layer of paint have been applies.


If you have one of these, or have found one in a shop, please contact me, I still would like another one like these!!

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