Espresso machine

Improvement on efficiency –

Since the espresso machine is turned on for a long time every day. This is being noticed on the electricity bill. I think the power consumption is high because the boiler is not insulated. therefore this project is to test en isolate the espresso machine.

To test the current power consumption of the machine I made a little circuit to measure and log the current.

With another circuit I measured 3 different temperatures within and around the machine.

The circuit is made with a few resistors and sensors added to an Arduino, the Arduino is powering and reading the sensors. The Arduino is connected to a Raspberry Pi for the logging. The Raspberry Pi stores the data from all sensors  every 10 seconds in a csv. This is a plot of the data.

Temperature  (degrees C) with the power consumption (watt/100)

After logging the data for more then 40 days I have insulated the boiler with a special material. This material I got from

The standard espresso machine without any insulation.
Now I have to gather new data with the boiler being insulated.

To be continued!